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Prepare to Manage Uncertainty

Credit: Sabrina Stein

Risk management

for organizations and individuals

Taking risks may be critical to achieving your organization’s educational goals, and risk is inherent in outdoor activities and international programming. You can improve risk management practices and better manage uncertainty with the help of NOLS Risk Services.

Risk management planning is valuable for anyone who ventures off the beaten path. From outdoor enthusiasts and volunteer trip leaders to outdoor education programs, guide companies, service learning and travel providers, scientists' groups, and more. Whether you take your family hiking or run an established program, choosing to invest in risk management planning is choosing responsible leadership.

You can choose among training for trip leaders or program administrators, organizational consulting, or the annual Wilderness Risk Management Conference. All of our services are informed by decades of managing risk for our own global programs.

Expand your risk management toolbox today and step forward with confidence.

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“Working with NOLS helped us focus our company’s risk management policies and practices. The team gave us specific, clear steps on areas to improve, as well as necessary assurances regarding things our organization does well. NOLS Risk Services was responsive, available, and timely with their work. We would highly recommend their services.”

–Sarah Carpenter, American Avalanche Institute