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In these unprecedented times we all feel untethered— we worry, we’re isolated, we want to aid our families, colleagues, communities and nation, but struggle to find a concrete way to help.

The best way you can help is to donate to the Annual Fund. Help NOLS weather this storm and donate today.

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Students out sailing a 35 to 40-foot keelboat on the Marlborough Sound in New Zealand.

The NOLS Fund

The NOLS Fund provides flexible annual funding that fuels the mission that started more than 50 years ago. It supports scholarships, research and outreach programs, as well as day-to-day operations.

How to participate 
Giving to the NOLS Fund is easy! You can make a donation online—it’s safe, secure and quick; you can write a check and send it to us at 284 Lincoln St., Lander WY 82520; or call us at 800-332-4280 and donate using your credit card.

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Step Forward: The Campaign for NOLS

Step Forward: The Campaign for NOLS is a $30 million comprehensive campaign. It’s our commitment to you and future students to expand access to NOLS to people from all backgrounds. We’ll do this through new partnerships, outreach, and scholarships, while continuing to invest in all that makes NOLS exceptional. Broadening access to the outdoors, however, while growing the school to meet current and future needs will require your help.

Join us by learning more about Step Forward.


Expanding the Wyss Wilderness Medicine Campus

Double Your Impact Before December

We need your help to win a $750,000 matching grant before Dec. 31, 2019!

The Wyss Campus is our primary location for Wilderness EMT training. It is the only facility in the world built from the ground up specifically for wilderness medicine instruction—and it’s LEED Platinum certified. Students live, study, and practice skills in one integrated location that serves all their needs.

We have served over 3,000 students at the Wyss Campus since it was built in 2011, with overwhelmingly positive outcomes. Now, we must expand to serve everyone who seeks these life-saving skills.

The expansion will double student housing to reach full capacity, create instructor housing on the campus, and build a student center to enhance campus life. We planned for this growth in the initial construction. Now it’s time to finish the job.

Help us train more wilderness EMTs

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