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A student sea kayaks in front of cloud cloaked mountains in Canada.

Boats and Blades

November 12th || 4:00 pm (MT) || Zoom - Looking to buy a kayak but not sure how long, how wide, or what shape? NOLS Sea Kayaking Instructor Travis Welch will help us sort through the myriad of options out there with a few guiding principles to narrow down the selection. Bring your kayak questions along to this interactive session! (click the title/image above to sign-up, or contact alumni@nols.edu)

After NOLS: The Evolution of the Alumni Experience

November 19th || 4:30 pm (MT) || Zoom with journalist, non-fiction writer, and NOLS alumni Kate Dernocoeur II The historical relationship between the school and its alumni group has an interesting trajectory, starting with Paul Petzoldt's view that he never wanted to hear from former students again. He insisted that they should just take what they had learned out into the wider world and be gone. Over time, the alumni group has become an important asset to the school. Let's explore that history through the years, to the current view of alumni as a rich resource of knowledge and connection into the world. Included in this virtual reunion is the irresistible urge to infuse a bit of historical story-telling about the man who, at age 57, started building his dream of NOLS. (click the title/image above to sign-up, or contact alumni@nols.edu)