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Our Services

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Program Review

We explore your program by reviewing written materials and talking with staff, participants, and/or other stakeholders. You will receive a professional assessment of your risk management strengths along with recommendations for improvement.

Plan Development

We work with you to develop custom emergency plans, field practices, or other plans that help you manage the risks facing your program.

Other Consultation

Are you looking for advice on a specific issue, seeking an external perspective on your emergency response plan, redesigning your staff training, or something else? Let us know how we can support your program.
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I enthusiastically recommend the NOLS external review process. Program assessment is critical in any organization, and obtaining outside perspective from highly qualified risk management professionals is an essential element. The NOLS review team was easy to work with, thorough, and insightful. The feedback we received was constructive and progress-oriented, with clear and actionable recommendations. I’m certain we are a stronger program for having gone through the review process.

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The Review Process

1. Design
Speak with us to identify the focal points for your consult.

2. Preparation
We analyze your written materials while you prepare for the exploration phase by scheduling site visits and/or meetings with appropriate stakeholders.

3. Exploration
We speak with your staff or participants to develop recommendations or custom plans that preserve the core nature of your program.

4. Final Report or Plan Development
We develop your final report, providing concrete observations and recommendations, or develop your custom plans.

5. Post-Review Consultation
We help you implement our recommendations, or integrate new plans into your existing program.

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