Meet Our Team

Heart, Expertise, and Wildness

Our team works behind the scenes and all over the world to give you the best experience possible. Click below to read their stories.

Nadine Lehner
(Advisory Council Member)

Originally from New York City, Nadine has spent the past fifteen years working at the intersection of wilderness conservation, outdoor education, and…

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Nate Ostis

Nate began exploring rivers in 1988 and has been working, playing, and living on them every since. When not teaching or boating, he makes his home wi…

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Nick Braun
(Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, MSC)

Nick came to NOLS in 2004 as a student on a Baja Coastal Sailing course. He quickly got on the outdoor education bandwagon and began instructing expe…

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Nico de Vries
(Peak Scholars and Bridge Affiliates Program Manager)

Nico’s connection with NOLS began in 2019 when he completed a live-aboard sailing course as a student in New Zealand; he was immediately hooked. He t…

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Nissa Guerrero
(Long Course NOLS Wilderness Instructor & Paramedic)

Hired in 2014 with NOLS I have enjoyed taking advantage of the travel opportunities that NOLS offers teaching courses both long and short, near and f…

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Noah Gottdiener
(Board Treasurer and Assistant Secretary)

Noah Gottdiener is the executive chairman of Kroll and chairs the Company’s board of directors. He served as chief executive officer and chairman of…

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N. Stuart Harris MD, MFA, FRCP Edin.
(Board Chair)

Stuart is the founder and Chief of the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Division of Wilderness Medicine, and the Director of the MGH Wildernes…

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