Meet Our Team

Heart, Expertise, and Wildness

Our team works behind the scenes and all over the world to give you the best experience possible. Click below to read their stories.

Haven Holsapple
(Leave No Trace Program Manager, NOLS Custom Education)

In 1967, Haven traveled west to take a course from a new school called NOLS. At the end of this course, he decided that this was exactly what he want…

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Heather David
(Alumni Relations Coordinator)

Heather grew up in Sacramento, California and, despite growing up in a valley, developed a love for the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains from a young…

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Heather Shannon
(Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic)

Heather has a degree in physical education Heather Shannon with a specialization in athletic training. She has been certified as an athletic trainer…

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Heather Wisniewski
(Former Chief Advancement Officer/Current Instructor)

Heather came to NOLS as a semester student in the Rockies in 1997 immediately after graduating from Northland College with a degree in Outdoor Advent…

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Heidi Nixon

Born and raised in Canada, Heidi (she/her) now lives in Sitka, Southeast Alaska. Heidi loves working and playing with people in the outdoors and spen…

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Heidi Riley
(Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician)

Heidi grew up on the nature coast of Florida and has been escaping West ever since. A graduate of Texas A&M University, she now climbs, rides bikes, …

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Herbert (Herbie) G. Ogden, MD
(Former Medical Advisor)

Herbie initially took a NOLS semester course in 1975 and became an instructor for the school in 1978. Over the next seven years he worked as an i…

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Herman L. Stude
(Advisory Council Emeriti)

Herman took a NOLS Spring Semester in Baja in 1991 and in August of 1996 he was in Wyoming to climb Gannett Peak on an alumni course. In 1990 he rece…

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Holly Beeman (Co-Chair)
(Advisory Council Member)

Dr. Holly Beeman is a health care executive in Northern California where she mentors leaders, and champions inclusion, professionalism, and qualit…

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Howard P. Colhoun
(Trustee Emeritus)

Howard "Pete" Colhoun has been volunteering for NOLS since 1993 and has participated on courses in East Africa, Mexico, Alaska, Patagonia, and the…

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