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Women's Southwest Rock Climbing - Adult

Push your limits climbing in the desert

You’re hungry for new challenges and ready to push the edges of your comfort zone. On this course course for self-identified women, rock climbing will be your new challenge, whether you’re a beginner or already have years of experience. You’ll spend your course in Arizona’s Cochise Stronghold, an area renowned for its climbing and unique desert environment. You’ll start with the basics of climbing, including movement on rock and getting to know the equipment. As you gain competence, you’ll progress to more advanced skills like anchor building and mock lead climbing. In addition to climbing, you’ll explore the area’s local ecology and human history. You’ll see desert wildlife in its natural environment and may visit historic sites that contain artifacts and pictographs. In the evening, you’ll enjoy cooking your meals together at your group’s base camp and absorbing the quiet of the desert.

In addition to climbing skills, you’ll also focus on growing as a leader. Setting climbing goals becomes a lesson in self-leadership, while living in a small community becomes your opportunity to work on skills like communication. On other days, you may focus on assessing risk and developing judgment to make decisions when you’re climbing. From these experiences, you’ll find and strengthen your own leadership style. By the end of this course, you’ll have the leadership and outdoor skills to prepare you for a lifetime of exploring. 

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“Our group created an incredibly supportive learning environment, and it was incredible to have four female trip leaders that also happened to be complete.... It was so empowering to feel strong and confident in the outdoors with a group of other women.” 

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