A group of female students out sea kayaking by rock bluffs at sunset on the Sea of Cortez in Baja California, Mexico.
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Women's Baja Sea Kayaking - Adult


7 days


23+ yrs


$2,630 to $2,700

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Find new challenges exploring the Sea of Cortez

Wake up to sunrise on the beach as you check the tide for the day’s journey. Glide over coral reefs as you paddle hard with your group. End your days listening to the tide roll out on the beach, ready for tomorrow’s adventure. On this course, you’ll join a group of self-identified women to learn the basics of sea kayaking. You’ll focus on building fundamental skills like navigation, reading the tides, and paddle techniques, skills you can use to build up to sea kayaking on your own. As you travel, you might meet local fishing communities and work on your Spanish language skills, or explore the ecology unique to the area’s tide pools and desert coast. In camp, you’ll focus on preparing your own meals on a camp stove and honing Leave No Trace skills, camping skills you can use to continue adventuring into the future.

Learning these outdoor skills supports your leadership growth throughout the course. Assessing the changing weather becomes a chance to practice risk management, while filling different leadership roles becomes an opportunity to practice effective communication. You’ll work to develop your own leadership style through navigating each day’s challenges. This course is your chance to step away from your busy schedule and focus on your growth as a leader, skills you can bring to any role you fill. 

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Course Dates

2 courses

Mar 16 - 22, 2025


Mar 15 - 21, 2026


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“I already feel more prepared to support kayaking activities, lead icebreakers and evening activities, while providing more savvy guidance and leadership to my groups.” 

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