Backpackers hike along a trail bordered by pines in the Pasayten Wilderness Area of the Pacific Northwest.
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Women's Pacific Northwest Backpacking


31 days


16+ yrs



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Push yourself in the Cascade Range

Grow as a leader during a month in the wilderness. On this course, you’ll dive into learning leadership and outdoor skills with a group of self-identified women. Climb to the tops of jagged peaks and wander evergreen forests. Learn about local ecology as you backpack through moss-covered temperate rainforests and cross rivers. Wake up to see the sun rise on glacier-carved peaks, and fall asleep ready to take on the next day. Depending on the season, your course will go either to the Pasayten Wilderness of north-central Washington, known for its rugged ridges and high plateaus, or to Olympic National Park on the Olympic Peninsula, known for its high, glacial mountains and wide alpine meadows. 

Focusing on leadership skills will be a key component of this course. You and your group will draw on leadership skills like communication and decision making as you meet new challenges, like making choices about a route or resolving conflict. You’ll take on different leadership roles every day, finding out what your unique style is and using it to support the group. At the end of this course, you’ll walk away with real experiences that will help you be a leader no matter where you find yourself.

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