Spring Semester in Patagonia

Credit: Fiona Casson

Spring Semester in Patagonia

Find your leadership style in the Andes

Climb into the mountains and listen to the wind blow through the cliffs. Taste the salty breeze as you paddle your kayak along the coast. Breathe in the smell of mate while passing by a poblador’s ranch. This course takes you mountaineering and sea kayaking in the Andes mountains of Chile, but you’ll walk away with more than advanced outdoor skills. You’ll spend a semester practicing leadership every day. You’ll meet new challenges with your group and practice teamwork and decision making. You’ll also learn about other ways of life as you explore this unique part of Chile.

On this course, you won’t be a tourist. This course is about going deep into the land and yourself. Living in a remote place in community with other people. It’s a way to grow in leadership and awareness of the world, things you’ll remember for the rest of your life. You probably won’t describe this course as “easy” when you get home. But you’ll learn that you can meet challenges you never dreamed about.



2019 Dates

Jan. 23 – April 12, 2019

Tuition: $17,425
Details: Wilderness First Aid, Mountaineering, Sea Kayaking

Jan. 30 – April 19, 2019

Tuition: $17,425
Details: Wilderness First Aid, Sea Kayaking, Mountaineering


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80 days

Minimum Age

18 yrs.

Academic Credit

16 College Credits
  • 3 Environmental Studies
  • 6 Skills Practicum
  • 3 Risk Assessment
  • 4 Leadership Techniques

2 High School Credits

  • 1.00 Leadership
  • 1.00 Physical Education
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Leave No Trace - Trainer

Wilderness First Aid


Course Description

Equipment List

Travel and Logistics


Coyhaique, Chile

Fly in/out

Balmaceda, Chile

Skills learned


Sea Kayaking

Wilderness Medicine

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What Our Grads Say

“You really get to know people out here on such a deeply personal level that you start to understand what type of leadership they respond to and its not just your kind of leadership.”

— Christopher C., NOLS Spring Semester in Patagonia grad

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