Silhouetted students backpacking across a giant snow field in the Alaskan Wilderness at sunset with snowy mountains in the distance.
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Alaska Mountaineering Instructor Course


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Date of the Alaska Mountaineering/Hike Instructor Course in 2024: 5/5/2024 - 5/29/2024

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This mountaineering-focused instructor course will be conducted in the mountains of Southcentral Alaska. Towering peaks, massive glaciers, and dynamic weather and terrain make this a great classroom for teaching mountain travel techniques and outdoor living skills. This course will specifially focus on traveling through Alaskan glaciers and alpine terrain: which can include roped travel on snow, navigating through icefalls, management of firn zone, bare glacier, and moraine travel. Ice climbing, rappelling, and peak climbing are also possible. The Alaska instructor course will build on any outdoor and education experience you already have, while allowing you to fine-tune your teaching and leadership skills. Successful completion of this course will prepare you to work moutaineering and/or wilderness backpacking courses for NOLS.  

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Prerequisite: Minimum of a 70-hour Wilderness First Responder and current adult CPR certification

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What Our Grads Say

“I've had a few days to reflect on the experiences of my first course. I've thought about many things, but mostly I have thought about the students. How they pushed themselves physically. How they gained self-awareness through their words and actions. How they learned to be comfortable in an environment that was initially far beyond their comfort zone. In a month of working with these students, I saw them grow and learn a great deal about themselves and their capabilities.” 

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