Alaska Mountaineering

Credit: Madhu Chikkaraju

Alaska Mountaineering

This course takes you to a place in southcentral Alaska often referred to as "the mountain kingdom of North America," where a chain of rugged mountain ranges and spectacular glaciers converge to make a mountaineer's dreamscape. Within this region, you'll explore the coastal Chugach Range, the interior Alaska Range, or the vast Wrangell-St. Elias Range. The specific route for each course is entirely season dependent, with expeditions in the early season climbing mostly above snow line to access terrain via huge snowfields and courses operating in the later season completing technical ice routes on glacier. All routes on this course are classically Alaskan with long approaches on large glaciers. This course provides an ideal training ground for learning to live and travel responsibly and efficiently in challenging mountain terrain.



2018 Dates

June 2 – July 1, 2018

Tuition: $6,700
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June 22 – July 21, 2018

Tuition: $6,700
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Equipment Deposit
30 days
Minimum Age
17 yrs.
Academic Credit
6 College Credits
  • 2 Risk Assessment
  • 2 Skills Practicum
  • 2 Environmental Studies

1.50 High School Credits

  • 1.00 Leadership
  • 0.50 Physical Education
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Travel and Logistics

Palmer, Alaska
Fly in/out
Anchorage, Alaska
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What Our Grads Say

“Once we got camp set up and I had finally warmed up enough to cook for my teammates, I opened the vestibule and saw the sunrise across the mountains at 4am. I saw the route we traveled. I saw the ice fall. I saw the entire day in that sunrise: the laughs, the smiles and jokes, she snowballs and shouts of encouragement and never any complaints. I saw my tent mates finally getting warm and nodding off.” 

— Clara P., NOLS Alaska Mountaineering grad

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