Waddington Range Mountaineering

Credit: Robert Hakim

Waddington Range Mountaineering

Spend an unforgettable month exploring the Waddington Range, Whitemantle Range, and Homathko Icefield of British Columbia, Canada. On this demanding expedition, you’ll hone your rock, snow, and ice mountaineering skills.

Here you'll get to experience some of the biggest and most remote glaciers NOLS travels on, and you will have more time to practice mountaineering since these courses travel either in or out of the field via plane.

In this area of huge glacial plateaus, long granite spires, deep fjords, and snow-capped peaks along the rugged coast of British Columbia, you'll learn what it takes to get a team ready to summit. Whether or not you're the first one to the top, you'll get to practice your newfound skills on at least one peak attempt.

With tons of technical glacier mountaineering and a chance to visit a place few people have ever been, this expedition is a true alpine adventure.



2019 Dates

June 12 – July 12, 2019

Tuition: $6,150
In Progress

July 10 – Aug. 9, 2019

Tuition: $6,150
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31 days

Minimum Age

17 yrs.

Academic Credit

6 College Credits
  • 2 Risk Assessment
  • 2 Skills Practicum
  • 2 Environmental Studies

1.50 High School Credits

  • 1.00 Leadership
  • 0.50 Physical Education
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Conway, Washington

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Seattle, Washington

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“I was struck by how everybody, despite their personal trials and tribulations, went out of their way to help everybody else.”

-Rahul N.