Students sailing below cloud cloaked mountains on the Strait of Georgia in British Columbia.
Camera Benjamin Lester

Pacific Northwest Mountaineering and Sailing


38 days


17+ yrs



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Learn about yourself and overcome challenges with your group as you work up high mountain passes and sail through choppy seas.

You'll explore the Waddington Range of British Columbia, Canada, a mountain range known for its jagged peaks and huge ice fields and glaciers. You'll also explore the sea, heading to the Strait of Georgia to learn about reading the wind and waves, boat handling, and navigation. Throughout the course, you'll test your growing leadership skills and meet the challenges of this demanding and beautiful place.

If you’re seeking an experience to push your personal growth and enjoy the wilderness in a variety of ways, this is the course for you.

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“I learned so much about my strength as an individual, as a leader and as a team member. The most rewarding would probably be how much it has helped me grow as an individual to better myself through all of the skills I have learned.”