Students backpacking on scenic green hills amidst the snowy peaks of the North Cascades.
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North Cascades Mountaineering


31 days


17+ yrs


$5,300 to $5,620

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Practice leadership and learn to live well with a group in a demanding environment. On this course, you'll head to the glaciers and forests of the North Cascades. In a place that's the training ground for some of the world's best mountaineers, you'll learn about leading a team, living on a glacier, and wake up each morning to stunning views and new challenges.

If you want to learn what it takes to be a mountaineer and a leader, then this is the course for you.

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6 courses

Jun 2 - Jul 2, 2021


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Jun 10 - Jul 10, 2021


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Jul 14 - Aug 13, 2021


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Jun 1 - Jul 1, 2022


Jun 9 - Jul 9, 2022


Jul 13 - Aug 12, 2022


“Getting to the summit, great! But for me, it's take it or leave it, it's not about being on the summit. It's about the experience and process of getting there.”