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Mountaineering on Washington's Mount Rainier - Alumni


6 days


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Mount Rainier (14,410’) covers 35 square miles of ice and glaciers making it one of the most extensive snow/ice mountaineering training grounds in Washington's North Cascades.

This expedition spends six days traveling and climbing on Mt. Rainier. You’ll work hard moving over steep terrain with your gear on your back, but the stunning scenery will be your reward. You will also learn the skills needed to live and travel safely in a mountain environment. If all goes well, we’ll attempt the summit on the fourth day of the expedition.

Training starts with the basics and novice mountaineers are welcome. We’ll start by helping you select your equipment and pack your pack. We’ll progress through basic living and travel skills on our way to learning the climbing skills needed to negotiate glaciated terrain and attempt the summit.

Overall Difficulty*:

*Full packs, high altitude, and a short summit window mean challenge.

Course Dates

1 course

Jun 16 - 21, 2024

Includes pre-and post trip lodging


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