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Backpacking Iceland's Laugavegur Trail - Alumni


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Join a small group of NOLS grads, friends, and instructors for some challenging and spectacular hiking in southeastern Iceland as we hike between huts. The route for this course is the Laugavegur route and is one of the most popular trails in Iceland. Some highlights include the dramatically colored mountains, Lake Alftavatn, and large glaciers and leading into big glacial rivers, midnight sun and thermal vents.

We will meet in Reykjavik, and then travel together by bus to the start of the trail in Landmannalaugar. We’ll spend the next 7 days traveling and exploring the Icelandic wilderness. Unlike standard NOLS expeditions, we will rely on our support vehicle to do the heavy lifting for us leaving out packs trim and light. We will carry our trail food for the day, layers, rain gear, and water while we hike over mountain passes, and across rivers. Our support vehicle will carry all of our expedition food and gear, and our driver will organize and help prepare all of our meals.

The route offers a challenging level of hiking, with trails that can be steep, difficult, and exposed, and several river crossings. Each travel day, we will cover between 7-10 miles to our next hut. Connecting our string of huts gives us the chance to explore the spectacular Icelandic country-side while mixing with other travelers in a dorm-style setting.

Activity rating*:

*Staying in huts means cultural interaction, bunks, team meals and lightened packs on the average 7-mile trail days- with plenty of ups and downs and river crossings under the arctic sun.

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"The tremendous variety of the terrain and the unbelievably beautiful scenery rewarded us each day. As with my NOLS course and previous Alumni trip, the group communicated well, coordinated well, and proved, once again, that NOLS students never disappoint!"


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