A student sends up a spray of powder in front of snow laden trees while backcountry splitboarding in the Idaho backcountry.
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Backcountry Splitboarding


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Take your snowboarding skills to the backcountry

Start with two feet of fresh snow. Now imagine the quiet of a winter night and a sky full of stars as you ride your board down fresh powder. This is splitboarding, the way snowboarders explore the backcountry in the winter. If you already know how to snowboard, then this is a great way to expand your skills. If you’re new to snowboarding, then just taking a few lessons before your course will help you get ready to start learning about backcountry travel.

This course starts with lessons at Grand Targhee Resort so you can focus on the basics of splitboarding and managing avalanche risk. Then, you’ll head to the mountains. Here, you’ll find miles of fresh snow and see places most people don’t get to visit. Each day will have new challenges as you explore remote Wyoming mountain ranges. You’ll build your own snow shelter, learn about assessing avalanches, and practice movement on snow. By the end of the course, you may earn a NOLS Level I Avalanche Training certificate endorsed by the American Avalanche Association. In addition to these technical skills, you’ll also practice leadership every day. Navigating challenging terrain will give you and your group the opportunity to learn about communication and tolerance for adversity. Assessing avalanche risk is a chance to develop skills in judgement and decision making. Each day will be a new opportunity to gain leadership skills from experience.

You’ll go home with the memories of sunrise seen from a snow cave, and gliding down fresh powder in the mountains. You’ll make deep connections with the mountains and the people you meet. Most importantly, you’ll have a set of leadership skills you will use for the rest of your life.

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