Students take a short break to watch the sunset before skinning through the night in Alaska's Chugach National Forest.
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Alaska Summer Quarter


50 days


17+ yrs



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Learn to lead in the mountains and on the water

Get ready for the summer adventure of a lifetime. Explore North America’s largest assemblage of glaciers and greatest number of peaks over 16,000 feet in elevation. Paddle a sea kayak along the lush coastline of Prince William Sound. Enjoy the long daylight hours of a northern summer as you summit rocky peaks, backpack across sweeping expanses of tundra, and kayak past crystal-blue icebergs. As you venture higher into the mountains, learn to live and climb on rock, snow, and ice.

Whether it’s your first time camping or you’re an experienced outdoorsperson, you’ll find plenty of learning opportunities on this expedition. Start with cooking on a camp stove and reading maps, then move on to more advanced mountaineering and boating skills as the course progresses.

Each day, deepen your understanding of leadership as your instructors coach you through our time-tested curriculum. That might mean working with your team to navigate off trail, problem solving how to travel across a tricky section of glacier, or dealing with unexpected weather while paddling to the next campsite. Return home with lifelong leadership skills, newfound self-confidence, and the experience you need to travel in a variety of wilderness settings.

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