NOLS Alumni Horsepacking - A Personal Journey

Stepping into the outdoors for a week is a meaninful experience at any time. This trip will carefully blend building connections with others and animals to support NOLS Alumni who are looking for an intentional space to pause and reset their lives. If you are looking for a semi-structured environment to reflect on our personal journey and consider the path ahead, this might be the perfect trip for you.

This adventure starts near Boulder, Wyoming at NOLS' Three Peaks Ranch where the school's horse courses and re-ration logistics are based. After an introduction to ranch life, horse handling and packing, you"ll ride into the Wind River Mountains with a train of pack animals for a few days of camping, fishing and riding. Activities focus on western horsemanship— including herd dynamics, tack, horse behavior, camp and feed selection as well as the art Leave No Trace camping with transportation livestock. In addition to these fundamental travel and living skills, Instructors will structure time and activities around each individual's needs. This might be very private and personal for some people or involve group processing for others, our Instructors will facilitate what each person needs.

Days are full of learning, hard work, camaraderie and the rewards of riding in the wilderness.

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*Horses carry riders and the camp, but packing and caring for the horses and ourselves is hard work.

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