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Steering Committee

Meet the WRMC Steering Committee! This committee evaluates and selects educational content based on a shared risk management philosophy.
Valeria de Jesús Casas speaking to attendees.

Call for Proposals & Speaker’s Information

Share your knowledge, expertise or research. Click here for details on Speaker Expectations, FAQs for Presenters, and the Call for Proposals process.

Volunteer Program

Volunteers play a significant role to ensure the WRMC runs smoothly. Meet and connect with industry experts and build lasting relationships with an incredible team of emerging leaders and industry professionals. Click here for information or to apply.


Scholarships are made possible through generous donations from the WRMC community and partners. Click here to learn more about scholarships, including how to donate or apply.
Presenter, Jose Gonzalez, addressing the audience at the WRMC.

College Credit

Learn how you can earn college credit for attending the WRMC. Also find out how to use AmeriCorps or 529 funding to pay for the credit and WRMC registration. Click for more information

Community Recognition Awards

Professional recognition awards are presented annually for exceptional contributions to wilderness risk management in the spirit of Facing Challenges Together. Click for information and nomination forms.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The WRMC provides a forum to learn and share common practices in wilderness risk management and contributes to a culture of open dialogue among outdoor industry professionals.
Two conference attendees look at the conference schedule.

Wilderness Risk Resources

WRMC offers an outstanding educational experience, check here for available resources from past conferences.

About the WRMC

Learning and Sharing

Attend the WRMC to gain practical risk management skills, network with others in the industry, share field and administrative techniques, and help develop risk management standards for the outdoor adventure and education industries.

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