Schedule & Location

The 29th Annual Conference in Burlington, Vermont, October 19-21, 2022. Schedule. Join us for the 30th Annual WRMC! October 18-20, 2023; Pre-Conference October 16-18, 2023. Holiday Inn Portland - Columbia Riverfront 909 North Hayden Island Drive, Portland, OR 97217 Registration will begin early summer 2023. Sign up for WRMC Email Updates (button below) to receive email updates for important WRMC news.
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WRMC Tenets & History

The WRMC provides a forum to learn and share common practices in wilderness risk management and contributes to a culture of open dialogue among outdoor industry professionals. In 2023 WRMC will celebrate it's 30th year! Check out this 20-year history. Learn here about why the WRMC was created and how we believe sharing practices benefits us all.
Presenter, Jose Gonzalez, addressing the audience at the WRMC.

College Credit

Learn how you can earn college credit for attending the WRMC. Also find out how to use AmeriCorps or 529 funding to pay for the credit and WRMC registration.

Jim Ratz Memorial Scholarships

Apply for a scholarship to attend the WRMC! Or if you able, please consider donating to the scholarship fund.

Announcing Reb Gregg Award Winner!

Congratulations to Cathy Hansen-Stamp, winner of the 2022 Reb Gregg Wilderness Risk Management Award, for exceptional leadership, service, and innovation in wilderness risk management.
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Steering Committee

Meet the WRMC Steering Committee! This committee evaluates and selects educational content based on a shared risk management philosphy.

About the WRMC

Learning and Sharing

Attend the WRMC to gain practical risk management skills, network with others in the industry, share field and administrative techniques, and help develop risk management standards for the outdoor adventure and education industries.

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