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Customized Staff Training

Target Your Most Important Resource

Staff are your most important resource and their time is limited. We will work with you to design a training program based on your priorities.

Our expertise encompasses a broad range of topics including: judgment and decision-making, emergency response, leadership, communication, and other skills.

Our instructors will come to you, or we will work with you to design a training that you can deliver yourself.

Students put their hands in for a team effort in route finding.


Staff Training Curriculum Options

  • Risk Management Oversight: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Field Staff Supervision and Training
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Emergency and Crisis Response
  • Group Management
  • Communication
  • Looking for expedition-based skills or wilderness medicine training? Visit NOLS Custom Education or NOLS Wilderness Medicine to learn more.
NOLS students circle up for a lesson in Bears Ears National Monument in Utah.



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