Crisis Response Training

NOLS Risk Services

Credit: Eric Page


Responding to a crisis situation with compassion and professionalism requires practice. Learn crisis management concepts, help your team gain familiarity with your existing emergency and crisis protocols, and trouble-shoot your plans for areas of confusion.

NOLS crisis response practice sessions are 3-6 hours long, for intact teams of 3-15 people, and based on custom-designed scenarios. They can be conducted in-person or remotely. We'll address crisis leadership and decision-making roles, next-of-kin notification, internal communication, media, and incident review and investigation. Trainings can also be combined with crisis protocol development packages.

Price range for training is $2,400- $4,000, plus consultant travel expenses for in-person trainings.

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What our Clients Say

"My sincere thanks for your great work in the crisis response session. The day far exceeded my expectations (which are always pretty high). You created a great structure and the group brought really good thinking on many different themes."