Paddle spray from a student sea kayaking catches the sunlight on the Prince William Sound in Alaska.
Camera Ashley Wise

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Sea Kayaking Alaska's Prince William Sound - Alumni


Jul 21 - 27, 2024


7 days


18+ yrs



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Our Alumni trip paddles in Alaska’s world famous Prince William Sound, past towering tidewater glaciers that moan and crackle, crystal-blue icebergs bobbing on the ocean’s surface, and wooded coves perfect for camping.

The sea teems with various forms of life, and you’ll have the ideal vantage point to view it all. Sea birds wheel in the sky overhead while tidal pools with starfish, anemones, and other small creatures dot the shorelines.

You’ll work hard paddling with all your gear stowed in your boat, but you’ll have opportunities to play as well. There are fish to catch and so many things to learn about in your explorations.

You’ll hone your wilderness skills, have fun, and practice your leadership as you explore wild, wonderful Alaska.

Overall DIfficulty*:

*Sleeping on cobbled beaches, paddling on choppy seas, and weather provide challenge.

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What Our Grads Say

“It's refreshing to be around individuals who respect and enjoy the outdoors.” 


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