A circle of course participants listens to a lesson in the Rocky Mountains.
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Rocky Mountain Outdoor Educator with WFR


Jul 16 - Aug 14, 2024


30 days


21+ yrs



In Progress

Grow as a teacher & leader in Wyoming’s mountains

This summer, join a team of current and aspiring outdoor educators to expand your teaching and leadership skills in the Rockies. Start out with a week of classroom instruction facilitated by NOLS Wilderness Medicine instructors, then head into the field. Climb rugged peaks and camp beside clear alpine lakes. Hike along high mountain ridges and earn an industry-respected Wilderness First Responder certification. Fall asleep listening to the sound of marmots whistling and wind in the lodgepole pines.

Each day, learn with—and from—your fellow educators as you take turns leading hikes, teaching lessons, and giving feedback. Practice fundamental outdoor skills, like off-trail navigation, with an additional emphasis on how to teach these skills effectively. Continue your Wilderness First Responder training with hands-on scenarios in the outdoors.

Throughout the course, expect to lead discussions and present lessons to your peers. Grow your problem-solving and risk management skills while navigating river crossings and peak ascents. At the same time, work on receiving feedback and communicating effectively. Share teaching strategies, conflict resolution techniques—and laughter. Return with the skills and experience to advance your career as an outdoor educator.

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Designed for those currently working in, studying or planning to enter the field of outdoor education.

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“I feel more comfortable making tough decisions, a sense of ease while teaching topics to a group, and the ability to interact with my peers more effectively. Most importantly I feel like I can take the knowledge I have gained and put it to use by leading trips into the backcountry professionally.”

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