Wilderness Horsepacking - Prime

Credit: Kelsey Wicks

Wilderness Horsepacking - Prime

Theres nothing quite like seeing the wilderness on horseback.

We'll take you from the NOLS-owned and -operated Three Peaks Ranch into the wilderness and immerse you in the basics of Western horsepacking skills, including care and feeding, horse behavior and herd dynamics, tack, saddling, riding and other unique experiences of packing and traveling with horses.

You'll care for your saddle horse and work together with a partner to load and lead your packhorse. You'll also be in charge of your own well-being in the backcountry, learning how to choose a good campsite and cook a good meal.

Share this wilderness experience not only with your fellow students and instructors, but also with the worthy companionship of horses.



2019 Dates

Aug. 24 – Sept. 6, 2019

Tuition: $3,930


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14 days

Minimum Age

23 yrs.

Academic Credit

2 College Credits
  • 2 Skills Practicum
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Travel and Logistics


Boulder, Wyoming

Fly in/out

Jackson, Wyoming

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“The most rewarding part of this course was getting out my element, and experiencing nature at its fullest.”

-Spencer O., NOLS Grad