Whitewater River Expedition

Credit: Brad Christensen

Whitewater River Expedition

Find new challenges on whitewater rivers

Meet new challenges and develop as a leader. On this river expedition, you’ll explore over 100 miles of the breathtaking canyons of Utah’s Green River, the birthplace of whitewater boating. Challenge yourself to paddle a kayak, paddle raft, and oar rig. Run rapids after learning to read the bends in the river and speed of the water. Deepen your understanding of local ecology as you spend weeks in the wilderness. You’ll start in calm water to master the basics of paddling, then progress to quicker-moving water. This will prepare you for rapids with names like Disaster Falls and Hells Half-Mile.

This course is about more than whitewater paddling—you’re also going to focus on building the skills to be a leader. Every day will offer you opportunities to be in a different leadership role. You’ll learn about decision making as you assess rapids, communication as you work on conflict resolution, and tolerance for adversity when the weather gets challenging. Experiences like these will help you form your own personal leadership style. With these experiences, you’ll be ready to lead wherever you find yourself.



2018 Dates

June 7 – June 22, 2018

Tuition: $4,025
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Aug. 6 – Aug. 21, 2018

Tuition: $4,275


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$4,025 to $4,275
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Equipment Deposit
16 days
Minimum Age
16 yrs.
Academic Credit
2 College Credits
  • 2 Skills Practicum

0.50 High School Credits

  • 0.50 Physical Education
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Travel and Logistics

Vernal, Utah
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Salt Lake City, UT
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