Two course participants look out over a sweeping view of Utah's canyons.
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Professional Career Transition with WFR


51 days


21+ yrs



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Prepare for your next career

This course has been designed specifically for working adults who are preparing for a career transition. As you hike through canyons and paddle downriver, you’ll practice making challenging decisions and accessing resources in a team, even when you don’t have all the answers. Wherever life takes you next, you’ll emerge with confidence, competence, courage, and perspective.

On this course, you’ll travel from red canyons and cliffs to the winding river corridors of Utah. You’ll focus on the hands-on application of new skills and learning through direct feedback, whether you’re scouting a rapid, identifying animal tracks and wildflowers, or practicing leading and following your peers. Along with the technical skills curriculum, you’ll have numerous opportunities to take on leadership roles and practice leadership techniques. A foundational course goal is building an inclusive community with your peers. Learn how to utilize your team and build competence as you tackle group challenges and achieve common goals. 

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