Thickly forested mountains in New York's Adirondack Park with puffy clouds overhead and a glassy lake in a valley below.
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People of Color Adirondack Backpacking Adventure


14 days


14 - 15 yrs



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Find fun and challenge in the mountains

This summer, do something different: backpack through New York’s Adirondack Forest Preserve on an expedition for teens of color ages 14 and 15. Climb to the top of rocky peaks and hike through ancient hardwood forests. Cross free-flowing streams and set up camp beside clear lakes. In the evenings, share stories and laughter as you make dinner, then fall asleep under the stars. Find opportunities for community building with peers who share similar life experiences.

Whether you’ve been camping before or it’s your first time, you’ll learn something new on this course. Start with the basics, including pitching a tent, reading maps, and even cooking backcountry pizza and cinnamon rolls. As you get comfortable living and traveling outdoors, move on to more advanced topics, like navigating off trail and using a compass.

At the same time, build your leadership skills under the guidance of experienced instructors. Practice effective communication while working with your teammates to cross a river. Develop your problem-solving skills as you lead the way on a challenging peak ascent. Find your own style of leadership as you take on different roles within the group. Head home with new friendships, great memories, and the confidence to lead in the outdoors and beyond.

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