A student navigates from the helm of a sailboat in the remote waters of Vancouver Island's outer coast.
Camera Benjamin Lester

Pacific Northwest Sea Kayaking and Sailing


31 days


17+ yrs



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Head to the remote waters of Vancouver Island's outer coast and learn to travel the ocean by paddling and under sail.

On your course, you'll sleep on sandy beaches and explore hidden lagoons and tide pools; you'll learn about the area's ecology, present-day political concerns, and human history of resident First Nations peoples. With daily opportunities for leadership, practice in handling your sea kayak and sailboat, and new challenges, you'll leave this course with plenty of experience to head to the coasts on your own.

If you’re seeking to hone your skills so you can travel the ocean and start a lifetime of adventure, then this is the course for you.

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“I learned so much about sailing and sea kayaking. I became a competent outdoorsperson and learned what it takes to be a leader. It was incredibly rewarding to learn these lessons against the beautiful Pacific Northwest backdrop from outstanding leaders and with amazing new lifelong friends.”