Adventure students relax together in their tent in an open field in Wyoming's Bighorn Range.
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Girls Idaho Backpacking Adventure


14 days


14 - 15 yrs



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Build self-confidence in the wilderness

It’s time for a real adventure. This summer, head to the mountains for an unforgettable wilderness experience with a group of peers ages 14 and 15. Hike through thick pine forests and high mountain passes. Find your way to the top of rugged peaks and camp beside clear alpine lakes. Share stories and laughter with new friends before falling asleep under a sky full of stars.

Learn new outdoor skills, like reading a map and making tasty backcountry cinnamon rolls, under the guidance of experienced instructors. Whether you’ve been camping before or it’s your first time, you’ll find both challenges and fun on this trip. Stepping up to lead a hike, choose a campsite, or organize your cook group, you’ll realize you’re capable of more than you realized.

As you gain confidence in your outdoor skills, you’ll also practice leadership in real-life situations. Learn to communicate effectively while planning a hiking route or crossing a river with your teammates. Develop lifelong problem-solving skills while navigating off trail or completing a tricky peak ascent. Return with the experience and self-confidence to lead at home, at school, and in the outdoors.

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“Before I went on this trip I was more of a follower. Instead of voicing my ideas or opinions I went along with the crowd. With NOLS I learned be a delegated leader, an active follower, and consensus member. This new ability of being a leader has helped me in my school, social life, and family life. NOLS not only helped me regulate my diabetes but made me realize I can do anything. I can climb to a mountains peak, I can hike 9 miles in one day, I can go without my phone for two weeks, and I can be a leader.”

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