Executive Leadership Sailing Expedition

Credit: Mark Jordan

Executive Leadership Sailing Expedition

This course selects a small group of professionals from the business, government, military and non-profit worlds to participate in a week-long executive sailing expedition in the Queen Charlotte Sound in the upper South Island of New Zealand.  It is designed for students to accelerate their leadership capabilities, discover their signature style as leaders and develop tools for driving innovation in dynamic environments.

The foundation of the course is built upon NOLS’ essential expedition skills of effective communication, problem-solving, positive influence, and strategically delivering results.  Participants navigate the technical and environmental challenges of field-based learning in the wilderness by getting out of their comfort zones, adapting to a steadily evolving set of scenarios, committing to group over self and learning by collaborating with others.

Students graduate from the course with transferable skills that will serve them to step forward and lead in their professional career and community.



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7 days

Minimum Age

30 yrs.


Course Description

Equipment List

Travel and Logistics


Aniseed Valley, New Zealand

Fly in/out

Nelson, New Zealand

Skills learned


Additional Details

Gear: Provided: Keelboats, rations, cookware, and other group gear. Personal gear is not provided.

Mileage: 25-50 nautical miles

Course deposit due: December 31, 2019

Tuition balance due: January 14, 2020

Essential Eligibility Criteria