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Canoeing Utah's San Juan River - Alumni


7 days


14+ yrs



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Join NOLS on this 7 day canoe expedition through the desert landscape of southeastern Utah. You will float happily along one of America's most scenic rivers while learning about expedition canoeing and navigating low grade whitewater.

This expedition is appropriate for families to bring young people along to learn and play in the outdoors together. Our instructors will make sure that each person receives guidance and coaching relative to their experience and needs so that the whole group will prosper together.

Learning about rivers, how they are affected by and affect the land around them, is a major theme of this trip. You will get to feel and see your hydrology lessons first hand on moving water while also starting to understand how your paddle can swiftly maneuver your boat out of harm's way. Even in the relatively small rapids of this section of the San Juan, river rescue skills will be practiced to keep the group savvy in case of need.

Grab your family and come along on this incredible backcountry trip. Let NOLS teach you how to build a river adventure for yourself in the future!


*The water helps us move downstream, but loading and unloading boats can be hard work!

Course Dates

1 course

May 26 - Jun 1, 2024

Pre- and Post trip lodging included