Students sea kayaking by rocky cliffs in the bright blue waters of Baja California, Mexico.
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Baja Sea Kayaking


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Paddle the Sea of Cortez

Start your days with a sunrise weather check. Smell the salt water as you paddle to the next cove. Fall asleep on a desert beach under a sky full of stars. Then do it all again the next morning. On this course, the Sea of Cortez will be your home. You’ll explore its coasts and coves by sea kayak, starting with the basics like paddle technique and progressing to more advanced skills, like self-rescue. As you travel, you’ll work on leadership skills like communication and decision making. You’ll camp on beaches where you can explore tide pools and spot the unique desert wildlife that also make this area home. As you move along the coast, you’ll deepen your cultural competence as you meet members of local fishing communities. 

Beyond exploring this area’s coastline and culture, you’ll grow as a leader. New experiences will challenge you and your group to work as a team. Problem-solving whether to paddle in challenging weather is an opportunity to develop decision making skills, while managing your group’s changing dynamics is a chance to grow in leadership skills like communication and self awareness. Through these experiences, you’ll practice taking on different leadership roles and find your own leadership style. By the end of this course, you’ll be prepared to continue exploring by sea kayak, and ready with the skills to lead in whatever group you find yourself in. 

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Jan 5 - 26, 2025


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