Student enjoying full sails and clear skies while sailing.
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Baja Sailing Instructor Course


24 days


21+ yrs



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About this Course

This instructor course combines foundational leadership training within the context of a sailing expedition in the Sea of Cortez of Baja California Sur.

Priorities for this course include emphasis on sailing techniques and theory, teaching the NOLS leadership curriculum, risk management in a group setting, and building an inclusive and positive course culture. This course will build on the outdoor and education experience you already have, while allowing you to fine-tune your teaching and leadership skills.

Successful completion of the instructor course will prepare you to work Drascombe Longboat sailing courses for NOLS.

Additional Details

Prerequisite: Minimum of a 70-hour Wilderness First Responder and current adult CPR certification

Essential Eligibility Criteria

Course Dates

1 course

Nov 16 - Dec 9, 2021