Backpacking in Thailand's Northern Jungles - Alumni

Credit: Rachel Roff, ISDSI

Backpacking in Thailand's Northern Jungles - Alumni

This trip is a cultural backpacking expedition into the jungles of northern Thailand. The trip begins in Chiang Mai, site of over 300 Buddhist temples and the cultural capital of northern Thailand. From Chiang Mai, the team flies north to Mae Hong Son Province to begin hiking.

You’ll spend seven-days amongst the Bak’er’yaw people, backpacking between villages and learning from their communities. At night, we will sleep in homestays in raised wooden homes on cotton mats. Participants will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere that focuses on meeting local people and exploring the area’s unique environment and rugged mountain landscape.

We’ll backpack on uneven trails that are likely to be muddy and well used by locals. We expect to cross many streams on the triple canopy-hugged trail. Our packs will likely be in the 15-25lb range.

Participants tell us that a fantastic part of alumni trips is the group itself. Expect plenty of camaraderie, laughter, learning, and shared responsibility on this trip.

Activity Rating*:

*Cultural immersion blends with challenging, trailed jungle hiking.



2020 Dates

Jan. 24 – Feb. 2, 2020

Tuition: $2,295
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18 yrs.


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