Snow dusted peaks in the distance on a blue sky day in southern Chile's Patagonia.
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Backpacking in Chile's Patagonia - Alumni


8 days


18+ yrs



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Come backpack through Patagonia's Avellanos region with NOLS and learn about this incredible area. A small group of NOLS alumni, friends, and family will share this truly remarkable, horse-supported, expedition together. Few people have the opportunity to visit this stunning area and even fewer are able to immerse themselves in the backcountry.

On this trip, you will spend 8 days hiking through and exploring pristine wilderness areas. Local cowboys (gauchos) will provide horse support for the team, carrying the bulk of the load so that you can easily hike with little more than a day pack. Your hike will take you through regions of Patagonia that few visitors ever get to see, through terrain inhabited by guanaco (a llama relative), puma, fox, and many more creatures.

Walk through the foothills of the mountains with your fellow NOLSies, explore braided river beds, and camp in tents with no city lights on the horizon. This is the Patagonia that inspired conservationists to take a stand and protect some of the world’s last wilderness areas.

*Please note that this price is an increase from what was printed in our Alumni guide. This reflects an increase of doing business in Patagonia and a slight change in the trip.

*You’ll sleep outdoors and carry a light pack in remote terrain on this trip.

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