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Join NOLS on the most ambitious trip in our Alumni catalog!

This pack animal supported, month long expedition is known for its high elevation, remote travel, Himalayan views, and difficulty. Traversing 200 miles through Bhutan's remote high country you will visit several villages along your way including Laya, Bhutan's highest settlement. Many of these villages are only accessible for a few months each year! Each day up high will reveal expansive views as you are surrounded by the tallest mountains in the world, cross high passes, and gaze upon glaciers that are thousands of years old.

For most people, elevation is the biggest challenge of the trek and only folks in top physical condition should attempt this trip. Starting out at 9,500 feet you will be at the low point of the entire route where the bulk of your time will be spent in excess of 13,000 feet. A total of 11 passes lie in front of you with the highest near 17,500 feet.

This is a fully supported expedition so you will have the advantage of carrying only a day pack throughout this trip as hired pack animals carry our gear. Additionally, we will have local guides and a camp crew to ensure our experience is outstanding, the food is excellent, and our bodies can manage.

Bhutan is famously known for it's Gross National Happiness indicator and Buddhist national religion. We will explore both of these things throughout the trek using our local guides to help understand the land and people around us.

Join NOLS on the most spectacular Himalayan trek in the world and discover why travelers to Bhutan never stop speaking of their journey.

Overall Difficulty*:

*Pack animals carry your gear, but high elevation and extended hiking times make this trip extremely rigourous.

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Sep 21 - Oct 20, 2024

NOLS Alumni's most audacious adventure