Two students smile and raise their arms together in front of snow speckled peaks of the Wind River Range.
Camera Ella DeBruijn

Absaroka Backpacking - 18 to 22 only


30 days


18 - 22 yrs


$6,750 to $7,150

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Make this summer one to remember with a group of your peers

Explore a beautiful and rugged mountain range bordering Yellowstone National Park. Backpack through thick forests and high mountain passes formed by ancient volcanoes. Challenge yourself to climb rugged peaks, pausing to enjoy the sweeping views at the summit. Camp beside clear alpine lakes and enjoy the view. As you travel, keep your eyes out for a diverse array of wildlife: elk, moose, bighorn sheep, grizzly bears, and more. 

Whether you’re an experienced outdoorsperson or new to backpacking, expect to learn something each day. Start with the basics, like reading a map, pitching a tent, and cooking on a campstove. Later, move on to more advanced topics, like compass use, snow travel, and first aid techniques.

As you build your outdoor skills, you’ll also grow your leadership skills. Practice effective communication and decision-making while working with your team to cross a river. Grow your problem-solving skills while navigating a boulder field or resolving a group conflict. Return with new friends, lasting memories, and confidence to lead in the outdoors and beyond.

Course Dates

2 courses

Jun 6 - Jul 5, 2024


Jun 7 - Jul 6, 2025