Women's Squamish Adult Rock Climbing


10 days


18+ yrs



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Camp and climb in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with a group of motivated women. On this course you’ll learn new skills, and reach new heights on beautiful granite rock. From learning movement technique to placing rock protection and building anchors, this course progresses through the fundamentals of outdoor rock climbing. If you’re looking to build your foundation as a climber, learning from and with other women, this is the course for you.

This course takes place at the world famous climbing destination of Squamish, in British Columbia. 

Your course begins with learning basic camping skills: base camp set-up and maintenance, Leave No Trace camping techniques, cooking, and stove use. You’ll also start with beginning rock climbing skills, such as belaying, tying knots, rope handling, communication, top-rope climbing, and rappelling. You will then delve into some more advanced topics, such as protection placement, anchor building, and “mock” lead climbing. 

There will also be opportunities to learn about the NOLS leadership curriculum, the natural environment, and the human history of this unique desert area. This course sets you up to develop a solid understanding of the fundamentals of technical rock climbing through experiential learning in a fun and supportive environment. 

On this course you will be base camping, which means camping in one location for the duration of the trip. You will be driving in NOLS vehicles and/or hiking to the climbing areas each day. Base camping allows for extra luxuries that are not as realistic on a typical backcountry camping trip, such as extra sets of clothes, books, and camp chairs. We will send your group out with coolers of fresh vegetables and extra camping items, like lanterns and two-burner propane stoves, that will help make your base camp a comfortable place to spend time in. 

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1 course

Jul 16 - 25, 2024