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San Juan Islands Sea Kayaking - Adult


17 days


23+ yrs



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Experience the beauty of the Salish Sea

Days paddling among harbor seals and navigating tidal currents. Nights gazing at bioluminescent plankton on the waves with stars above. Sound inviting? This is just the beginning!
On the San Juan Islands Kayaking Course, you’ll start by practicing the fundamentals of sea kayaking: paddling strokes, rescue techniques, chart reading, and “wet exits.” As you gain proficiency, you’ll head out into the open waters of a working wilderness area and become a member of the vibrant community of paddlers and boaters who celebrate and care for this unique place.

Become a more effective leader by sharing tent space, dividing cooking duties, and allocating responsibilities. This course will teach you navigation, leadership risk assessment, and decision making. You will emerge with an experience that inspires and empowers you to act as an ethical leader in today’s world - both in wild places and your everyday community.

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