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Join a small group of NOLS grads, friends, and family for a spectacular hike through the Alps of NE Italy (and a bit of Switzerland). 

We have strung together a hiking route between small Rifugi (mountain huts) and hotels that will challenge your mountain legs while providing ample comfort in the European style of multi-day excursions. Integrating in the historic St Bernard Pass will offer a dip into Switzerland as well as a peak into the long human history of the area. 

This trip starts and ends in Turin, birthplace of the Apertif and the Slow Food movement. The city in itself is a worthy destination and will be our base for orientation and a celebratory dinner. Most of your time will be spent in the mountains, hiking up and down incredible valley walls and using local transportation to connect the plethora of trails for the trip.

After leaving Turin the trip will head uphill to the border of Switzerland and Italy and then spend the next week exploring the hills in that vicinity. We prioritize stunning hiking trails and excellent lodging on this route so we know you will enjoy it!

This trip does not have a luggage shuttle so you will be carrying your essentials for the whole trip. Packs tend to be in the 20-30 lb range and hiking does not need to be fast!

Come reinvigorate your love for NOLS with a phenomenal community of peers to explore with. We believe our groups are what make Alumni Trips succeed and we want you to be a part of that success.

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*Staying in huts means cultural interaction, bunks, cooked meals and lighter packs but plenty of ups and downs will keep you working hard.

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