Academic Credit

Get the most out of your experience

You can earn credit from your course or training for high school or college. Though we’re different than a traditional academic program, we are recognized for teaching outdoor education, leadership, wilderness medicine, risk management, and conservation. You can also earn Continuing Education with NOLS.


College Credit

More than 400 colleges and universities nationwide have accepted University of Utah credit earned on a NOLS course, and many more grant their own credit.


High School Credit

You can earn high school credit from a NOLS expedition course through Blueprint Education.

Academic Credit FAQS

  • Will my school accept NOLS credit?

    Every school is different, we recommend connecting with your academic advisor and university’s registrar in order to determine how academic credit will be applied. 

  • What if I’m not enrolled in college right now?

    You can still get credit through University of Utah. Please note that  you must request academic credit prior to the start of your course.

  • What age do I have to be to qualify for college credit?

    To earn University of Utah credit, you must be either a high school graduate or a rising high school senior with a 3.2 GPA or higher.

    To earn Western State Colorado University credit, you must be age 15 or older.

  • I want to participate on my course through AmeriCorps or my 529 College Savings Plan, what is the best way to do that?

    AmeriCorps and 529 Plan participants must apply for academic credit through Western State Colorado University. Read more about the process here.

  • Can I get graduate credit for my NOLS course?

    Yes, you can receive Graduate credit for NOLS courses through University of Utah. The course must correspond with one the following University of Utah Courses:

    • PRT 6050-Environmental Ethics, Leave No Trace, and Leadership

    • PRT 6051-Group Leadership Techniques

    • PRT 6052- Wilderness Skills Practicum and Leadership

    • PRT 6043-Risk Assessment, Risk Management and Decision-Making

    • PRT 6054-Outdoor Educator

    You can compare NOLS expedition courses to University of Utah credits with this document. Your University of Utah grade will be 80% based on the grade from your NOLS expedition student evaluation. The other 20% of the grade is based on a specific paper, written post-course, and graded by a professor at the University of Utah. Papers are generally APA format, 10 pages long, and are expected to meet entry-level graduate student writing standards. Graduate-level courses are all two credits only (even when the equivalent undergraduate course is offered for 3 or more credits).