Rahul Narang

Former Board Member

Rahul Narang

Rahul is the head of strategy at the San Francisco studio of frog design, a global design and strategy firm. He focuses on helping enterprise and entrepreneurial companies with problems of growth and scale. His work has taken him to various countries throughout Asia and Europe, spending months at a time in each country and allowing him to form an appreciation for various cultures.

Rahul came to NOLS in 2010 after a particularly ill-advised trip in the Himalayas made clear the need for basic wilderness skills. After completing the Pacific Northwest Outdoor Educator course, Rahul was hooked. Since then, he has been on a number of alumni courses and tries to make it out into the field at least once a year on a NOLS course. 

Rahul lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Judith and their young son, Noah. He is keen to introduce Noah into the NOLS community as soon as possible and has already bought him his first backpack (a three liter Deuter).