Maurício Clauzet "ToNTo"

Field instructor

Maurício Clauzet "ToNTo"

ToNTo had many different jobs before becoming a NOLS Instructor. Brazilian and engineer, professor, facilitator for corporative team-building were some of his previous occupations. Meanwhile, he was always engaged in rock climbing and mountaineering and pursued it in any opportunity he had to travel. He had been to 12 different countries, and always found the mountains and the climbing on his way.

2011 worked as Instructor in Training (IIT) at the now closed NOLS AMAZON campus, in Brazil. In 2012 he took his NOLS instructor course (mountaineering IC) in Alaska. Since then he has been teaching leadership and instructing for NOLS some differend skills: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing and Hiking skills. He usually works out of Patagônia, Alaska and Rocky Mountain locations. More recently, ToNTo was assessed to teach horsepacking courses, and is very excited to work his very first course.

Passionate about Nature and Landscape Photography, check out his work at - instagram @mauricioclauzet

Private Pilot, love aviation, learned to fly in Alaska 2016. #ToNToAviation