Eric Jonsson

Advisory Council Member

Eric Jonsson

Eric and his wife, Jody, live in Manhattan Beach, California and Rollins, Montana.

I grew up sailing and bodysurfing in Hawaii. After graduating from Stanford in 1981, I worked as a civilian nuclear engineer on nuclear submarines at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, and raced ocean kayaks and outrigger canoes whenever I could.

Jody and I met at Stanford Business School, and we married in 1990. I worked at Bechtel as a financial analyst and as a startup engineer until our first child was born in 1996; I’ve been a full-time father ever since. We lived in the Bay Area until 2002 when we moved to Geneva, then to London in 2007, and next to Los Angeles in 2014. I’ve participated in several WFR and WEMT courses, and the Backcountry skiing course in the Tetons. I am certificated as an EMT and I volunteer with the Rollins Volunteer Fire Department in Rollins, Montana. I enjoy hiking and ocean swimming.