Students sitting on a rock ledge listen to an instructor's climbing lesson in the northern Rockies.
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Rocky Mountain Outdoor Educator


Jul 29 - Aug 20, 2025


23 days


21+ yrs



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Grow as a teacher & leader in Wyoming’s mountains

This summer, join a team of current and aspiring outdoor educators to expand your teaching and leadership skills in the Rockies. Explore glacier-carved mountains while developing the skills to facilitate exceptional experiential learning in the outdoors. Backpack along high mountain passes and camp beside clear alpine lakes. Learn techniques for effectively teaching and managing risk while rock climbing at Wyoming’s famed granite crags.

Throughout the course, learn with—and from—your fellow educators as you take turns leading hikes and discussions. Practice fundamental outdoor skills, like off-trail navigation, with an additional emphasis on how to teach these skills effectively. At the same time, practice giving and receiving quality feedback. Review the principles of minimum-impact camping and earn your Leave No Trace Level 2 Instructor Course certificate.

As you explore Wyoming’s rugged peaks, grow as an outdoor leader and build an educational toolkit you’ll bring into the field again and again. Embrace flexibility and spontaneity in a dynamic wilderness classroom. Improve your communication skills and work on implementing feedback on your teaching style. Share teaching strategies, conflict resolution techniques—and laughter. Return with the skills and experience to advance your career as an outdoor educator.

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Designed for those currently working in, studying or planning to enter the field of outdoor education.

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“The word leadership has always been hazy in my eyes. I've heard a great deal of talk about leadership in my life. I just didn't feel like most people who spoke of leadership knew what that word really meant. Neither did I. NOLS and the instructors changed that for me.”

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