Instructor holds a map and looks over mountain terrain in the Pasayten Wilderness Area
Camera Trip Davis

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Pacific Northwest Backpacking Adventure - 4 week


Jun 27 - Jul 26, 2024


29 days


14 - 15 yrs



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Immerse yourself in the mountains this summer

Start a lifetime of adventure with four weeks in the wilderness. On this course designed for teens ages 14-15, you’ll learn leadership and outdoor skills while backpacking through the mountains of Olympic National Park or North Cascades National Park. These amazing wilderness areas offer chances to climb craggy peaks and wander evergreen forests. Experienced instructors will mentor you through encountering new wilderness challenges while providing lessons on ecology, history, and caring for yourself and a group in the wilderness. Even if you’ve never been camping before, this course is a great way to learn more about the outdoors and yourself.

This course is one of the longer choices for teens ages 14-15, providing even more opportunities for leadership growth and learning about the unique wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

Leadership skills are a core part of this expedition. You and your group will meet new challenges together that test your growing skills. Making decisions, living in a small community, and experiencing the highs and lows that highlight every expedition are all part of learning your personal leadership style. At the end of this course, you’ll walk away with experiences that will help you be a leader at school, at home, and for the rest of your life.