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Skiing under Sweden's Northern Lights - Alumni


8 days


18+ yrs



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Join NOLS on this outstanding winter route with hopes of seeing the famous Northern Lights! We ran this trip for the first time in 2023 and are excited to continue bringing it to NOLS Alumni as a unique expeditionary experience. While participants are often surprised at the difficulty of a full day on nordic skiis, the universal praise this trip has won has been a resounding vote of confidence!

The Kings Trail (Kungsleden) is a popular hiking route during the warmer months and is transformed to a groomed backcountry oasis for nordic skiers during the winter. Rustic backcountry huts along the trail allow us to stay in warmth and minimize the amount of gear we have to bring along. The huts are minimalist acomodations with group bunk rooms, but they are warm and provide kitchens to prepare our meals and enjoy time together when off skis.

Skiing is a large part of Nordic Culture and our ski setups will be the standard layout that is used in Sweden. The skis have metal edges for easier turning and heels that can be free or locked in depending on the terrain. In US terms, they are a true hybrid between a classic cross-country ski and an Alpine touring ski. In addition to skis we will pull sleds (2-3 people/sled) to make hauling our gear a bit easier and add another skill to your repertoire. This trip is great for all levels of skiers as your NOLS Instructors will be there to help you learn.

With a bit of luck, this trip will set you up to spend time fawning under the Northern Lights. With half of the day in total darkness and no lights from a city getting in your way, the chances of seeing this natural spectacle increase dramatically.

This is a pilot trip for NOLS, we haven't run it before and are excited to have some experiential learning. Our Scandinavian staff will be organizing the trip and know the areas well, but participants will need to bring their best tolerance for uncertainly as we work through the inevitable quirks of running a new trip.

Overall Difficulty*:

*Skiing with sleds can be challenging!

Course Dates

2 courses

Mar 3 - 11, 2025

Includes pre and post-trip ldoging in Kiruna


Mar 14 - 22, 2025

Includes pre and post-trip ldoging in Kiruna